Agarwood Project

Agar trees are native of tropical rain forests of South-East Asia .  Agarwood is most expensive agro product used as the finest natural incense and also for cultural, religious and medicinal purposes since ancient times.

Vanadurgi introduced Agarwood for the first time to  South India and a company ‘ The Vanadurgi  Agarwood India Ltd.’ , was  formed having its shares distributed amongst the Planters, Promoters and The  Vanadurgi Flavours and Extracts (P) Ltd. The company is exclusively involved in the development of plantation, processing and marketing of Agarwood.

The company has signed buy-back agreement with farmers for providing good seedlings, technical guidelines , artificial inoculation , setting up of processing unit and purchase of their inventories for the best price . The company has a ongoing target to plant 1.5 million plants out of which 0.5 million plants have been already planted.  

Agarwood Plantation

Agarwood Grading

Small plant