New Products

Vanadurgi  is constantly striving  to add new range of items to its product list . These  are grown conventionally. We are working on introducing new crops which are successfully cultivated in other parts of the globe.We request our customers to advice cultivation of products of their interest so that we can cultivate and provide them crops for reasonable price than their regular  source of origin. 


Scientific Name Available now Against order
Agarwood Aquilaria agallocha   Yes All grades /forms
Tamarind Tamarindus indica   Yes All grades /forms
Honey Melilotus alba   Yes All grades /forms
Anatto Bixa orellana   Yes All grades /forms
Jaggery Saccharum officinarum   Yes All grades /forms
Chillies Capsicum annum   Yes All grades /forms
Turmeric Curcuma longa   Yes All grades /forms

This is an indicative product list. Kindly email us your requirement to enable us to confirm the current availability status.