Our Coffee Estates  are located in two Coffee zones of different climatic factors at Chickmagalur district of Karnataka state. Robusta Estate is located about 1500ft from sea level near Holistic place of Sringeri and attached to ‘Kudremukh National Park’.  Arabica coffee estate is located in Chickmagalur on the Giri Hills about 5000 ft elevation from the sea level and considered as best zone for quality Coffee in India. Raw Coffee is processed into different grades such as Pea Berry, Plantation AA, Plantation A, Plantation B, Plantation C and BBB in curing Station at Chickmaglur.  Depending on customers requirement, we also offer roasted Coffee beans and Coffee powder which is contract manufactured in Chickmaglur.    

Scientific Name Available now Within one year Remarks
Coffee Arabica Parchment Coffea arabica Yes   Bulk
Coffee Arabic Cherry Coffea arabica Yes   Bulk
Coffee Robusta Parchment Coffea canephora Yes   Bulk
Coffee Robusta Cherry Coffea canephora Yes   Bulk
Coffee Roasted Beans   Yes   Bulk / Blended
Coffee Powder   Yes   Bulk / Blended / Retail packing
Coffee Extract     Yes  

This is an indicative product list. Kindly email us your requirement to enable us to confirm the current availability status.

Sun Drying

Roasted Beans

Ripened Berries