The company has  realised the importance of Fair -Trade Certification which is designed to allow people to identify products that meet agreed environmental, labour and developmental standards. We initiated certification of small farmer lands under Fair-Trade norms who are growing Pepper as intercrop along with Coffee, Arecanut etc. Most of the small farmers having Pepper and Coffee as intercrop, hence certification will be common for all farmers. Our Fair-Trade project is certified under the norms of  Flocert and Ecocert agencies. 

The company is working with Vandurgi Foundation to form small farmers groups. These have separate identities and in combined names with Vanadurgi   as registered societies having farmers as members. All such farmer groups have signed MOU with Vanadurgi Flavours & Extracts Pvt. Ltd for marketing their produce. The company is providing funds   for such groups for certification, pre harvest expenses and also inputs for cultivation. In our facility at Sringeri the material is graded according to size, steam sterilized and powdered as per the buyers’ specifications. 


Scientific Name Available now Within one year Comments
Black pepper Piper nigrum No Yes Grade A & B
White Pepper Piper nigrum No Yes Grade A & B
Pepper Powder Piper nigrum No Yes All grades
Pepper in Brine Piper nigrum No Yes  
Pink Pepper Piper nigrum No Yes  
Green Pepper Piper nigrum No Yes  

This is an indicative product list. Kindly email us your requirement to enable us to confirm the current availability status.


Black Pepper

White Pepper

Pepper Vines

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