Our facilities are at various locations in the vicinity of raw material production sites. This in-house facility includes washing, curing, processing, distillation, steam sterilisation, hulling, automatic quality separation, sieving, powdering and packing units. While a few products like CO2 extracts are manufactured in the premises of our associate firms, others are outsourced from organic certified facilities in the area. We always verify our tests at accredited external laboratories. Before exporting any product it is inspected, tested and packed at our warehousing and packing facility in Bangalore.

Our list of current facilities is as follows:

  • Vanilla Curing Station
  • Pepper Processing Centre
  • Coffee Curing Centre
  • Cocoa Processing Centre
  • Maize Warehousing Centre
  • Essential Oils Distillation Units
  • Warehousing and Packing Facility