Global Investors Meet
Over 100 billion US Dollar was planned for investment in various Industrial development proposals at the Global Investment Meet organized by the State Government of Karnataka on 3rd and 4th June, 2010. The programme was successful in attracting global investors for numerous opportunities available for investment in Karnataka State.  FT (Food Technology) will be the emerging venture in the State following the success stories of I.T and B.T sectors. A MOU was signed to invest 300 million US Dollars in the Agro sector for different opportunities in the food Industry in partnership with reputed companies like Coco Cola, Pepsi and others.

Maize Price
The price of Maize has increased to Rs 1100 per tonne.The initial price in November 2009 just after the last harvesting season started from Rs 750 and the Government intervened and came to the rescue of the farmers and fixed the minimum price at Rs 850 per tonne. The price is expected to increase further by Rs 200 per tonne due to the increasing local demand and less availability and still 5 months to go for the next crop harvest. However farmers are planning to go in for additional cultivation in more areas which may result in increased production next year. But climatic factors and rainfall in the next 3 to 4 months will play a crucial role.

Agarwood interactive programme  

The programme was held on June 14th 2010 at Vanadurgi Plantations. Promoters from 22 taluk centres attended the programme.The programme was initiated at 11 A.M. with farm visits. All the participants were very happy with the progress made in the plantations.After the lunch break a meeting was held which discussed regarding the progress made in  2008 -2009 and the proposals for 2009-2010. The discussions centered mainly on the promotion programmers  of Agarwood cultivation to be implemented from June to October 2010 .

Swiss Nautraceutical Event.

This annual programme was held  from 18th to 20th May 2010 at Geneva and attracted a number of reputed firms. Hundreds of companies exhibited their products which attracted visitors from various parts of the globe. Our company representative took part in this global event and successfully offered our products to customers.  This also helped the company to understand the global scenario and to explore the possibilities of introducing new product portfolio as per the customers demand.

Punya Bhoomi function   
A seminar was organized for the farmers to discuss regarding  organic vegetables and other food cultivation practices carried out by the farmers. This function is organized primarily to exchange the views of different farmers located in and around Hassan.This programme was organised on 14th April, 2010  and around  250 farmers participated in it.

Drop in Vanilla Production
Vanilla production  has dropped down to 150 tonnes this year . The peak production which was in 2005- 2006. stood at 500 tonnes.In the coming season it is expected to drop further and the production may be just 75 tonnes.The cause of production drop is mainly due to the outbreak of  Fusarium wilt which has infected the plantation in all the four southern states. The other factor for the reduction in production was  the instable  market and low prices.

Earth Day Function

Earth day function was organised in association with Punya Bhoomi Foundation  headed by Dr. Vijayangadi on  21st May 2010 . Around 100 participants along with school children , government officials were present. The function successfully created  awareness  regarding the  environmental conservation aspects . The programme was held in the premises of the organisers Punya Bhoomi.

Organic Event  
Organic farmers meet was held on   27th December 2009  at Devavrunda , Mudigere taluk of Chickmagalur  District. The programme highlighted the use of eco friendly techniques and organic inputs and conservation of the precious eco system. It was attended by more than 500 farmers . Seminars and talks were organised to exchange ideas and views of the participants. Subject matter specialists addressed the gathering regarding various aspects of  environment conservation.

Biofach 2010 Germany
The Company representative attended this Exhibition of organic products which was organised in February 2010 in Nurnebrg , Germany . The Trade Fair Exhibition  focused on everything worth knowing about agricultural and marketing supplies, Natural Personal Care and Wellness and exhibited an extensive range of organic food and fair trade products.The Exhibition attracted exhibitors and high quality visitors .There were 52 exhibitors and around 100 product presentations.

Annual Krishi Mela
This is a regular annual farmer’s mela at Punya Bhoomi, near Hassan organised by Dr.Vijay Angadi.Vanadurgi sponsored the two day program in January 2010 and it was attended by more than 1000 progressive farmers.There were special stalls highlighting the various benefits of Organic Agriculture and how it helps sustainable farming.There were interactive programmers and field visits and talks by subject matter specialists which provided the enthusiastic gathering with a lot of practical information and knowledge regarding the actual implementation of organic farming and its long term benefits to the farmers as well as environmental protection advantages.  Several seminars were organized at the venue.