Organic Project

The company is working on to adapt organic cultivation in 10000 acres at different geographical locations of India.  Our mission is to cover around 2000 farmers growing different crops  mostly in Karnataka State and few in other States.The Vanadurgi Foundation is working as a NGO for the organic certification of farmers lands in association with  Vandurgi Flavours & Extracts Pvt Ltd.,  The Foundation is educating the farmers about benefits of organic farming through various programs and activities.

Currently facilities and plantations of Vanadurgi Flavours & Extracts Pvt. Ltd., along with associate  farmers is  certified by Ecocert to the extent of 2000 acres. Vegetable crops and few other crops in North Karnataka region are certified under ADITI Organic Certification a division of SIRIUS Certification, Europe. The varieties of crops include Coffee, Spices, Fruits, Botanicals  etc. The joint working of the company and NGO has raised wonderful opportunities to implement its organic movement.