Vanilla Project

Vanilla once being a very attractive crop due to historical high price from  2000 to  2003  has been planted in many parts of South Karnataka , Kerala and Tamil Nadu States. Due to uncertain market situation,  unworkable prices which went below production cost and mainly because of to severe damage by Fusarium wilt disease , Vanilla will no longer be a viable crop in India and it is bound to disappear altogether in upcoming years.  The production has dropped from 500 metric tons in 2004-05 to just 50 metric tones in 2010- 2011.

Vanadurgi Plantations being the largest Vanilla producer in India in 2004 has vast experience right from all aspects of  cultivation and curing .

With this strong farming background the company plans to launch a Vanilla Project in  multiple locations  of 500 acres  with a production target  of 100 metric tons . In this project ,Vanadurgi Foundation will encourage  local  tribals and  farmers  to cultivate organic and conventional vanilla crop in the natural rain forest locations of the western ghat areas as well as newly identified cultivation zones which will avoid disease spread.


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