Botanicals Project

The Vanadurgi Flavours & Extracts Pvt. Ltd. is sourcing various Botanicals mainly from forests of Western Ghats. Some of these are organic certified by Aditi Organics Certification Agency.  The company is providing maximum possible price to the tribal who collect these botanicals from the forest. The company has aims to cultivate some of the potential Botanical crops with buy back arrangement system with farmers. The Vandurgi Foundation acts as a coordinator between the company and the farmers through various programs and activities.

As of now we are having Amla, Ashwagandha root, Brahmi leaves, Coleus roots, Neem, Garcinia and Kokum which are used for medicinal purpose. We are working on to promote Ananthamool root, Arjun bark, Akarakara herb powder , Basil herb, Dashamoola, Galanga root, Gurmur leaves, Guduchi herb, Hibiscus leaves/flowers, Japanese mint and  Kalmegh herb.