Vegetable Project

Vanadurgi Flavours and Extracts Pvt. Ltd. has contract farming with 250 agriculturists growing organic vegetables in an area of 250 Acres at 10 different villages in Hassan District.  Each production unit has a group of 10 farmers with a progressive farmer acting as a Key Farmer. 

The company helps farmers by providing pre finance, organic inputs and technical guidelines for production.  In addition produces are purchased for pre fixed reasonable price or 30% higher price in compare to general market. Around 20 different vegetable crops are organically grown and stored in cold storage centre at Hassan for further shipment.

The Vanadurgi Foundation is operating as a NGO for the production of organic vegetables   in association with Vanadurgi Flavours & Extract Pvt. Ltd. The Foundation acts as a coordinator between the company and the farmers through various programs and activities.





Curry leaves