Vanadurgi Foundation

The Vanadurgi Foundation was founded by Vanadurgi Group as a duly registered Trust in 2005.   The main intention of this NGO is to help the needy in various rural locations and hasten their overall enlistment and development in society. It aims to improve the living standards of the under privileged by eradicating poverty and improvising rural economy. The foundation will work in partnership with individuals and organizations, which will be supported financially.

Programs undertaken by the foundation are:

  • Rural Education  
  • Eradication of Poverty
  • Welfare of  Women
  • Farmers Development
  • Environmental conservation activities.
  • Tourism development
  • Rural Employment
  • Self Help Group formation
  • Micro Financing
  • Rural Housing
  • Medical Insurance
  • New crops introduction

The organisation includes people interested in social welfare and from all walks of life, who believe in the rights of individuals. We welcome individuals, firms and organizations and volunteers to work together with us in order to pool their collective reserves, energy and rich experience to undertake joint working in our projects.