Essential Oils

Vanadurgi is engaged in the organic Essential Oil production in different parts of Karnataka State with buy back agriculture system. We also have association with producers all over the India where different crops are grown successfully. As of now we have installed 2 ton loading capacity 2 units each having raw material production of different crops in 50 acres. We have plans to expand the project to 2000 acres with 40 distillation units in up coming years. Spice essential oils are contract manufactured in Bangalore. We have cheaper production costs due to which we have ability to offer essentials oils for competitive price.


Scientific Name Available now Against order
Cinnamon leaf oil Cinnamomom verum Yes   Basic form
Clocimum oil Ocimum gratissimum   Yes Basic form
Citronella oil Cymbopogon martini stapf var Yes   Basic form
Clove oil Syzygium aromaticum Yes   Basic form
Davana Artemisia pallens   Yes Basic form
Eucalyptus oil Eucalyptus citrodora   Yes Basic form
Japanese Mint oil Mentha arvensis   Yes Basic form
Lemon Grass Cymbopogan flexuosus   Yes Basic form
Lemon  oil Citrus limon Yes   Basic form
Palmarosa oil Cymbopogon martini Yes   Basic form
Patchouli oil Pogostemon patchouli Yes   Basic form
Peppermint oil Mentha piperita   Yes Basic form
Vetiver oil Vetiveria zizanoides Yes   Basic form

This is an indicative product list. Kindly email us your requirement to enable us to confirm the current availability status.




Essential Oils